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A History Of Roscoe Moss

Roscoe Moss Company has designed and manufactured water well casing and screen since 1924. Producing hydraulically efficient, long lasting, and cost-effective products remains our core business. The privately-held company continues to manufacture high quality products for our customers in the water industry throughout the world.

Our roots as a water well drilling contractor have provided us the experience to understand the ever changing issues that drillers face from site to site. Throughout our rich history, Roscoe Moss Company has remained dedicated to serving our drilling customers along with consultants and well owners.

The Early Days

Roscoe Moss Rig


1890"s - OUR ROOTS S.A. Clampett Company is established, drilling water wells throughout the southwestern U.S1906 - A NEW MEMBER Roscoe Moss joins S.A. Clampett Company.
1913 - A NEW PARTNER Roscoe Moss becomes a partner in the company1924 - WORTH STREET S.A. Clampett Company moves to present address at 4360 Worth Street, Los Angeles.
1927 - ROSCOE MOSS COMPANY IS INCORPORATED Roscoe Moss acquires S.A. Clampett and re-incorporates as Roscoe Moss Company (RMC). RMC continues to operate as a water well drilling contractor, as well as manufacturer of water well casing and screen.1958 - VERTICAL PERFORATOR RMC designs and builds its first vertical perforator.
1968 - SPIRAL PIPE MILL RMC installs its first spiral pipe mill.1984 - MANUFACTURING FOCUS RMC begins divesting its drilling equipment and exits the well drilling business in order to focus exclusively on manufacturing water well casing and screen.
1985 - 2ND SPIRAL PIPE MILL RMC installs second spiral pipe mill. 1985 - CONTINUOUS WIRE WRAP SCREEN RMC adds continuous wire wrap screen manufacturing to its capabilities.
1993 - A JOINT VENTURE RMC joint ventures with Tuberia Laguna S.A. de C.V. to manufacture water well screen in Torreon, Mexico.2008 - CAIRO, EGYPT RMC opens Roscoe Moss Sahara in Cairo, Egypt.
2009 - PERFORATOR #5 RMC completes construction of Perforator #5.2013 - ROBOTIC WELDING RMC adds robotic welding capabilities.

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